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About Us

Windelcon is a dynamic Romanian team with passion for renewable energy and experience in project development. The company relies on a group of professionals with expertise covering all development stages: from site selection and land acquisition to solar/wind farm planning, permitting and engineering. Since 2007, our team has developed renewable energy projects with an output of 300 megawatts, main of them as turnkey investments.

Our Expertise

WINDELCON is a specialized services company, focused solely on implementation of renewable energy investments.

The Future

We believe it’s our generation’s responsibility to transition the Energy Systems towards 100% green renewables sources in the next 30 years. Climate neutral and cost competitive – today’s green energy projects are attractive assets for investors and economic growth drivers for governments. We feel proud and joyful to be part of this process, which is unraveling every year at new record levels.

Our Mission

We provide our partners the local know-how and experience acquired in more than 10 years of developing renewable energy projects. We grew together with the green energy market in Romania and learned how the technological shifts and legal framework changes can be integrated in the life of a successful project.

We are ready for more!

WINDELCON offers 10 years of local expertise and reliable partnerships

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Our projects

Windelcon Windparks

Together with our investor partners, we developed in Vaslui region (Eastern Romania) a number of 5 wind-energy projects, summing up to 300 MW. These projects are ‘ready-to-build’, and their construction is near to start.

Windelcon Solarparks

Currently Windelcon develops 3 solar PV projects in Transylvania Region, totalizing an installed capacity of 40 MW. Coming back soon with news regarding implementation of these investments.